Life is a Bloody Freak Show

Ever wondered why Sarah would post all these comments?

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I’m a 19 year old business student and I was thinking why in the world would another 19 year old try to attract attention on the internet by posting provoking comments. I became aware of this matter on twitter a few days ago and y’know news die down after a while.

Yesterday, I saw a tweet from Sarah to Bob and Jeffrey.

Don’t you find it weird, why is she trying so hard to the keep the rumor mill turning? I mean, if I was her, I’d be posting the same old “Please respect our privacy, we do not wish to elaborate on this matter. yadayadayada…”

Then, it hit me, Marketing Tactics.

Think about it, guys. She’s a model. Have you EVER heard of her in the past, prior to this “scandal”?

Well, I haven’t.

Now? Hell yes. I see her pictures, screenshots of her tweets and comments all over my timeline.

Notoriety have a value, too. In the world of business, no publicity is bad publicity.

It doesn’t matter what they are saying about you as long as they are talking about you. Think Kim Kardashian.

If I was a marketing manager who wanted more brand awareness, she’d be the one I go to. I’ll make her the focus of my marketing campaign. Just look at the “mikey way’ tag on Tumblr and the number of followers she have on twitter now (CoughPrivateAccountCough).

Looks like someone just hit the gold mine in the world of fame (or Infamy).

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